Handmade jewelry that is perfect for any occasion!


I'm Whitney, the owner and creator of the these polymer clay products. 

I started experimenting with polymer clay in 2016 and it quickly became a creative outlet to help reduce the stress of my other business I co-own and operate with my husband. After a while, the entrepreneur in me decided to take it to the next level and start a side business (which eventually resulted in more stress). 

My polymer clay jewelry side-gig started out as Whitney Leila Designs in January 2017.  I was participated in numerous local markets over the first year and a half. I soon realized I had taken on too much so I decided to scale things back. During the down-time I was thinking on ways to improve my business and that's when I decided to change the name to something a little more suited to me and why I do this in my spare time. In August 2019, I change the business name to At Whit's End. 
I still participate in a few local event but I mainly sell my products online and do consignment with local stores.

Thank you for visiting my shop! I'm so happy to be able to share my creativity with you!

Much love <3

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